•    Expertise in initialising large and complex projects
•    Experience in bringing errant projects (and companies) back on course
•    Experienced member of project control boards
•    Business case development, including financial analysis
•    Assistance in creating project governance arrangements
•    Trained and experienced in re-engineering techniques


•    Lead and support large or complex negotiations

•    Negotiating exit from existing arrangements

•    Helping to resolve deadlocks between parties

•    Work in the interface between the private sector and government helping to forge valuable agreements

Negotiation Facilitation

Management and Leadership Development

Project Specialists

•    Coaching & mentoring services to senior staff new to the role or seeking their next promotion

•    Experience in building high-performing service organisations through recruitment, retrenchment, training and education

•    Short, but focused programs to measure and dramatically improve one-to-one communication

•    Unique, customised, leadership and management development programs that simultaneously builds organisational capability

     (Delivered over 3 months, based on syndicates and peer learning)