Dr Deborah Peterson | Deputy Secretary DPI (Department of Primary Industries)
Andrew provided oversight of a complex, sensitive and financially significant class action against the State. This involved working closely with legal teams, economists, accountants, fisheries and biosecurity experts. His ability to get across large volumes of complex information was impressive. Andrew's insight into potential negotiation strategies was excellent as was his ability to work well with multi-disciplinary  teams.

I also asked Andrew to take on a leadership role to ensure delivery of a major project related to forest protest management, which was in danger of missing critical targets. I was impressed by his ability to rapidly come to grips with the issues and willingness to listen to all perspectives. Andrew created pragmatic workable solutions to a wide range of challenges and the desired outcomes were successfully achieved.

Andrew (Drew) Grant | Program & Implementation Manager, Advanced Metering Infrastructure at Victorian Department of Primary Industries
Andrew is an able facilitator with an impressive ability to guide others through very complex circumstances to the way forward. He is a fearlessly optimistic and effective strategist, helping individuals appreciate their roles in organisations, and indeed the world.

Alex Messina | Director, Communication at Futureye
Having done the 360 degree self-and-other evaluation thing, and spent lots to time on negatives at the expense of building on positives, Andrew's "Creating Your Future" workbook feels more positive and productive. I like the approach of looking for the 10 things people believe you do best, then working to do them even better.

Carol Nichols | Public relations and community engagement specialist
Through a friend I was introduced to Andrew and meeting him has changed my life. With his generosity and great sense of humour, Andrew has helped me make sense of my place in the world and find some clear direction and goals to help me achieve my dreams. His thoughtful approach and enthusiastic nature makes him a terrific mentor, and I am honoured to work with him.